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Emergency Information

If you have an emergency, call 911 or 362-5111.

If you do not have an emergency but would like an officer response you can call 362-5115. Or you can view our contact page here

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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department

RCPD Trading Card Program

The Rancho Cordova Police Department is pleased to announce the brand new
RCPD Trading Card Program

Every Rancho Cordova Police Department Officer has been issued trading cards.  The front side has the name and photograph of the officer, on the reverse side is a brief biographical statement. 

The Trading Card Program is designed to foster a strong relationship with the community, especially our youth, by encouraging the public to learn more about their Police Department Officers. The trading cards were funded with private donations at no additional cost to the City or Police Department.

Because of limited supplies at this time our primary target audience is elementary and middle school-aged children. 

Officers may be approached during their lunch break in the community, but we discourage waving down an officer on patrol.  You may also visit the Rancho Cordova Police station house at 2897 Kilgore Road. and request cards from the Officers working the front counter.

Entire classrooms are encouraged to take on the project and rewards will be provided as appropriate (i.e... a field trip for the entire class to the Rancho Cordova Police Department).

Redeeming for prizes:
Multiple cards of the same officer count as one card.  The same Trading Card can’t be redeemed more than once.

To redeem cards for prizes, the collector needs to bring the Trading Cards to the Rancho Cordova Police Department for validation by Front Counter Personnel during regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm).  Our personnel will mark the back of each redeemed card with stamp and provide the collector their earned rewards.


RCPD Trading Card Redemption Values

Collect 10 cards:
Receive a collection of crime prevention material
(keychain lights, glow sticks, stickers, etc.)

Example of prizes

Collect 20 cards:
Receive a basket that includes a binder with pages that hold the trading cards in plastic;
and the items above.

Collect 40 cards:
Receive a tour of the Kilgore Station and a patrol vehicle; attend a patrol briefing; a framed digital photo with an officer; and all of the above.

Collect 60 cards:
Enjoy a FREE lunch with a member of RCPD management; receive honorable mention on the RCPD Trading Card Collector’s wall; appear in an ad in the Grapevine recognizing their achievement;
and all of the above.

Collect 80 cards:
(These include some East Division officers)
Enjoy a FREE lunch with the Chief of Police; picture of the collector sitting behind the Chief’s desk; ride with the Chief in the Rancho Cordova 4th of July Parade (or other police vehicle);
and all of the above (only one free lunch).

NOTE: Minors who redeem Trading Cards for a tour or a FREE lunch can be accompanied by a parent.

Exceptions, exclusions, and modifications may be made by RCPD management.