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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department

Rancho Cordova Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

The City of Rancho Cordova approved the use of a red light photo enforcement program to improve community safety and provide a safer commuting experience.  The program began in January 2013 with the installation of two camera locations.  In 2015, the City added two additional camera locations.  Red light photo enforcement cameras have been installed at the following locations:

  • Zinfandel Drive and White Rock Road
  • Zinfandel Drive and Olson Drive
  • Sunrise Blvd. and Coloma Drive
  • Sunrise Blvd. and Folsom Blvd.

The City of Rancho Cordova contracts with Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., Glendale, Arizona to provide the red light photo enforcement system.  Download the app Redflex Locator to see where red light camera photo enforcement systems are installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the red light camera system work?

The red light camera systems is designed with a front and rear still camera, a rear video camera, several flash units, an onboard computer, and a proprietary mapping radar system.  The system takes four digital images including the front of the vehicle before the white limit line, the front of the vehicle after it has entered into an intersection while the light is illuminated red, the vehicles driver compartment, and the vehicle license plate.  In addition, the system captures a twelve (12) second digital video clip of the violation (six seconds preceding the violation and six seconds post violation).   Watch the following video for more information. Click and watch the following video for more information How Red Light Cameras Work.

I received a citation. How can I view the photos or the video?

If you receive a citation in the mail, there will be an instruction page and directions on back of the citation to view the video footage and the four digital photographs.  You must go to and enter the required information.  The city code for Rancho Cordova is RCPDCA.  This information can be found on the back side of the citation.  The four photographs will be included on the front of the citation.  If you need assistance viewing the video footage you can come to the Rancho Cordova Police Department at 2897 Kilgore Road, Rancho Cordova, CA, regular business hours  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.

What is the definition of running a red light?

A violation of California Vehicle Code 21453 (a) occurs when a motorist passes the white limit line at a controlled intersection against a solid red light.   The law requires that you come to a complete stop behind the limit line when the light is red.  You can make a safe turn after you come to a complete stop.  If you fail to come to a complete stop then the camera system will be activated and a citation could be issued.  Neither the camera system nor Redflex Traffic Inc. issues a citation.  All events captured by the camera system are reviewed by an officer and when it is the opinion of the officer that the driver failed to come to a complete stop behind the limit line a citation is issued by the officer.

Can't I make a right hand turn on a red light?

Yes you can make a right hand turn on a red light, but you must first come to a complete stop.  California Vehicle Code 21453 (b) allows driver’s to make a right hand turn on a red light, but only if it is safe and after coming to a complete stop.  If you made a complete stop before the limit line and then completed a safe right hand turn you would not receive a citation.

How come I see the system flash all the time?

The red light photo enforcement system uses flash bulbs when it is necessary and based on the time of day and lighting conditions.  The system does not always flash without a specific reason.  When the system identifies a moving vehicle that may not come to a complete stop before the limit line a series of photographs are taken.  If the car does stop before the limit line, then the incident (however captured) is rejected.  It would appear that the system flashed for no reason, but it most likely captured an incident which was rejected by a person once it was reviewed.  They system can also be reset remotely and during this reset it will go through a series of flashes. 
You may see the system flash when it detects a vehicle other than yours.  This does not mean that it detected your vehicle.  It most likely detected another vehicle approaching the intersection and that incident was captured.

Why did I get a ticket for a California stop?

The term California Stop means you did not stop.  The term stop means that the vehicle quit rolling.  California law mandates that a vehicle come to a complete stop behind a limit line at a red light..

Don’t officers have better things to do?

Historically traffic concerns are the number one complaint from all communities. Law enforcement officers are often responding to calls for service and enforce traffic laws when time permits or the violation is so egregious that immediate action is required. Providing a safe commuting and pedestrian community is paramount. The red light photo enforcement program is one tool used by law enforcement to ensure the safety of citizens. Unfortunately, officers cannot be at every location when a violation occurs, so a program such as the red light photo enforcement system offers an alternative.

Additionally, the red light photo enforcement camera system operates 24 hours per day and offers enforcement without the need of an officer sitting at a specific location. The program frees up officers to for other enforcement needs.

Do the cameras photograph every vehicle passing through an intersection?

No. The cameras photograph only those vehicles that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. The system is not activated or operational in the yellow or green phase. The light must be red before it is triggered. Drivers who enter the intersection on a yellow light and find themselves in an intersection when the light changes to red will not be photographed. This technology is designed to only capture vehicles that enter into an intersection or pass the limit line after the traffic light changes to red.

Does an officer review the citation before it is issued?

Yes. An officer assigned to the traffic division reviews each incident and determines if a citation will be issued. Citations are only sent to those vehicle owners who appear to be driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.A red light photo citation is a valid traffic ticket, per California Vehicle Code 21455.5.

Are red light cameras illegal to use to issue tickets?

No. The courts have upheld that the use of a red light photo enforcement camera system to issue citations is legal in the State of California. For additional information please review the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Court of Appeal’s ruling in People v. Goldsmith.

Additional Information

The following documents can provide more information about the program. If you have further assistance, you may send email to: or call (916) 875-9660.