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City of Rancho Cordova Rancho Cordova Police Department
  February 17, 2012

Officers’ Quick Actions Lead to Suspect’s Arrest

At approximately 7:30 a.m. today, Sheriff’s communications center received a call of a suspicious person in the 3400 block of Ponzi Court in Rancho Cordova. Sacramento Police Department personnel, who were in the area preparing to serve a search warrant, observed a man holding an axe and walking toward the front door of their target residence. Rancho Cordova police officers were dispatched to the location to investigate.

While RCPD officers were en route, the aforementioned suspicious subject returned to his vehicle. He then drove after a woman who left the residence in her vehicle, and followed her  for a short distance before he returned to the scene. As two other subjects exited the residence and prepared to leave in a vehicle, SPD personnel observed the suspicious subject drive up onto the lawn of the house, stopping his van just short of hitting the vehicle that the two subjects were preparing to leave in.

The driver of the van jumped out, and began yelling at the two people in the vehicle who were trying to leave. SPD personnel, believing that the dispute would escalate into a dangerous situation, intervened and ultimately detained the suspicious subject. He was later identified as 46 year-old John Parlante (photo attached).

Rancho Cordova police officers arrived at the location and took custody of Parlante. A search of his vehicle, incident to arrest, yielded an axe inside the van. The axe was identified by SPD personnel as the item that Parlante was holding when he had approached the residence earlier. Further investigation determined that Parlante was likely at the location with the intention of harming one of the residents who lived there.  

Parlante was later transported and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on three felony charges – assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, and threatening the life of a government official. He is currently not eligible for bail.