The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department serving the citizens of Rancho Cordova

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of a Sergeant, a traffic detective, six motorcycle officers, and a parking enforcement officer.

The traffic unit's primary purpose is the reduction of traffic collisions on the streets of Rancho Cordova. This is a large responsibility, especially considering that many more people are killed or injured in traffic collisions than in violent crimes. The traffic unit is active in providing education to our community through presentations and written materials. The traffic unit also works closely with the City's Traffic Engineering Department to identify any safety concerns in regard to the roadways/or traffic control devices.

The red light photo enforcement program is one tool used by law enforcement to ensure the safety of citizens. Unfortunately, officers cannot be at every location when a violation occurs, so a program such as the red light photo enforcement system offers an alternative.

Additionally, the red light photo enforcement camera system operates 24 hours per day and offers enforcement without the need of an officer sitting at a specific location. The program frees up officers for other enforcement needs.

For more information about the red light program visit the following:

To submit a parking enforcement inquiry, including abandoned or unregistered vehicles or large commercial vehicles or big rig trucks parked on the street, please contact RCPD’s Parking Enforcement by phone at 916-876-7558 or through Fresh Connect, the City of Rancho Cordova's online reporting system, at

To pay or contest your traffic citation please click here.

Traffic Unit.