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The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) has a unique strategy to engage and assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness to continue to make the City of Rancho Cordova a safe and inviting place. The Homeless Outreach Team – comprised of two officers, our Homeless Outreach Navigator, code enforcement, and two members who retrieve shopping carts and conduct encampment clean ups  – builds relationships with homeless individuals and families and provides services, education and resources in partnership with local organizations to help them become self-sufficient. The team also enforces violations of the law, such as illegal camping and aggressive panhandling.

The City is asking its residents and businesses to help be our eyes in the community. If you see something, report it to the City.

  • Report homeless camps, trash or debris that might have come from a homeless camp, as well as abandoned shopping carts using Fresh Connect, the City’s online reporting system. Simply snap a photo and send your report via the City’s website or mobile app, and get an update once the problem is resolved. Visit http://cityofranchocordova.org/freshconnect to get started today!
  • If you see a homeless individual in need of assistance, contact the following:
    • City’s Neighborhood Services Team by phone at 916-851-8770
    • Homeless Outreach Team Officers Matt Blanco and Robert Ranum by email at RCPDHOT@ranchocordovapd.com
    • Rancho Cordova Navigator Gabriella Roth at (916) 591-4093 or groth@sacselfhelp.com
  • To report panhandling, call the RCPD non-emergency number at 916-362-5115. 
  • To report a crime in progress or suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.

For volunteering, contact Rancho Cordova HART on their website at www.ranchocordovahart.org