Red Light Camera Program

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Red Light CameraThe Red Light Photo Enforcement Program is one tool used by RCPD to ensure the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. The program began in January 2013, and there are four red light cameras in the City of Rancho Cordova at Zinfandel Drive and White Rock Road, Zinfandel Drive and Olson Drive, Sunrise Boulevard and Coloma Road, and Sunrise Boulevard and Folsom Boulevard. The cameras operate 24 hours a day and provide additional enforcement while officers respond to other enforcement needs.

What do I do if I receive a red light citation?

If you receive a red light citation in the mail, please follow the instruction page and directions on the back of the citation. Four photographs will be included on the front of the ticket. You will be able to view video footage by clicking here and entering the required information. The city code for Rancho Cordova is RCPDCA. If you need assistance viewing the video footage, please visit RCPD at 2897 Kilgore Road, Rancho Cordova, during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM. NOTE: Video may not be visible on a smart phone or tablet. 

More Information

For more information about the red light program, please visit the following:

If you need further assistance, please contact RCPD at 916-875-9660 or